Larry Franklin Lamb

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Larry Franklin Lamb
Residing In: Quincy, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Berniece
Occupation: Retired from Xerox Corp.
Children: Kathy: born 26 February 1964 ----- has 5 boys
Cindy: born 20 December 1965 ---- has 1 boy & 2 More…girls
Tom: born 10 April 1968 ------------ has 1 boy & 4 girls
Bobby: born 27 December 1972 ---- has 2 boys & 2 girls
I now have 4 great grandchildren----2 boys and 2 girls
Yes! Attending Reunion

In 1966 I received a certificate in professional photography. I did not prsue a carrier in that field although I still love the art of photography.

I spent 35 years as a field engineer for Xerox Corp. RETIRED

I have worked as an Emergency Medical Techician and in the medical dept. of a large local mfg. company RETIRED

I was the Quincy, Family History Center director for 18 years. RETIRED

Since about 1985 I have conducted numerous seminars with church and civic groups on the subject of writing an effective personal history. This has been very rewarding as I see what some of these people have recorded for their posterity.

I now enjoy working on my own family history / genealogy and helping others with researching theirs.

I love participating in 'Defencive Handgun Shooting' and teaching others the basics of it.

I am very involved in helping to get the corruption out of our government at all levels and returning the Constitution to its proper place of honor in our country.


Some thoughts then & now, and a couple lessons I have learned along the way:

During those fascinating years, paths crossed, lives touched and memories were made.

Life was a beautiful experience. It was taking place all around us. We were at its center.

We were as carefree and innocent as the time in which we lived.

Never ask if I am worthy of the goal, ask if the goal is worthy of me.

Beauty doesn’t always lie in the overall picture. Oftentimes it lies in many small parts of it.

A pleasant thought about someone is little more than just that. However, when expressed to that person it can becomes a mighty force to uplift, strengthen and build.

When we have walked life’s last mile and are crossing its finish line, all that we will have to take with us is what we are.

School Story:

At the request of Dale Armstrong, I am including this story. Since it had its beginning in my senior year, perhaps it will fit into this category.


The Story of Our Love

I met Berniece Ringering on the 19th day of February 1962. She was working as a nurses’ aide in the surgical department of Alton Memorial Hospital. I had been hired as a surgical orderly. After being introduced to Berniece I paid very little attention to her. Oh, I wasn’t blind, I certainly noticed that she was rather good looking, at least her face. With both of us being dressed in ill fitting surgical scrubs there wasn’t a whole lot left to draw my attention to her. Besides, I was engaged to a girl in Bethalto at the time.

After a couple of months Patty and I began to have some rather serious arguments. Until then I paid little attention to Berniece. Now, I must admit that somehow she was drawing my attention more than she had a few weeks earlier. We were beginning to converse more and more. I started to like her in somewhat more of an emotional way.

One evening Berniece was without a ride home. She asked if I could provide her transportation. I surprised myself with how fast I said,”You bet!” A couple of evenings later she offered to buy me a chocolate malt at Blocks Ice-cream if I would take her home again. The bribe of a malt, and I loved them, had nothing to do with my instantly agreeing to provide her transportation once again. I was so thrilled, that had she offered to buy herself a malt and me a garlic and onion float I would still have accepted – and even drink the float. Boy, I was getting myself into deep trouble. There I was, promised to someone else and realizing that I was wanting to spend more of my time with Berniece than with Patty.

I absolutely could not treat Patty that way. No doubt about it, I still loved her. I found myself in an either / or type situation. After much agonizing thought and prayer I knew I had to make a choice. I could leave the certainty of a relationship with Patty or I could drift into the uncertainty of a relationship with Berniece. I chose to do the hardest thing that I had ever done in my life – I broke my word to Patty when I ended our engagement.

Very soon after my break up, Berniece and I were sitting in the nurses lounge on the surgical floor sipping Cokes. I happened to catch a glimpse of the bottle as it so gently touched her lips. My imagination kindled like an unquenchable fire. I had to find out just what that nurses aide’s lips felt like!

On the night of June 26, I took her for a ride on the River Road. Slowly we drove up to Clifton Terrace where the road ended. On the way back the majestic beauty was serving as nature’s tranquilizer. Tall cliffs sculpted by the last rays of a setting sun towered on our left. The mighty Mississippi flowed not twenty five feet to our right. A hundred lights from the distant shore danced and played on the crest of every wave.

That special drive along the trail of mighty waters was blessed by the legendary Piasa Bird who rested high upon the painted bluff while watching over his vast domain.

When reaching the downtown junction, rather than turn left and take her home, I chose to drive into the River Front Park. All the while I was intensely planning, scheming and building up my nerve. To have walked a wire stretched across Niagra Falls without a safety net would have been easier than what I was going through.

We had driven though the park and were on our way back. Time was running out when something in my brain yelled STOP! I almost crammed the break pedal into the radiator of “My Blue Heaven”. There, under the pastel moonlight light and the watchful bronze gaze of the WWI Dough Boy, my question was answered. This figure from the past, with hand grenade, Helmut and bayonet, motionlessly kept vigil over us from high upon his granite stand.

Later that summer she and I went to Springfield, Illinois to the State Fair. The two of us spent the entire day totally engrossed in one another plus having nonstop fun. I remember the proud feeling that I had just being with Berniece. I KNEW that she was the most beautiful girl of all on the fairground. Her looks, the sound of her voice, the touch of her hand and to look into her eyes, WOW! No mortal has yet spoken words that can describe how Berneice Ringering made this eighteen-year old boy feel.

Four children, nineteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren and nearly fifty years later, Berniece and I are still hanging out together.

Larry Lamb

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Hi Linda! Did you know that you are the BEST sister-in-law to ever live in the state of AZ.

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